Hospital Visits

If you require a visit from the Hospital Chaplain whilst in hospital, or if you know you will be going into hospital, please contact the Chaplaincy Office – 743029

The Chaplains at Darlington Memorial Hospital have no access to inpatient lists, so please ring the chaplaincy office on 01325 / 743029 and leave the patient’s name (and ward number if known) Please also say that they are Catholic.

Hospitals in the Newcastle Area – Queen Elizabeth Hospital, RVI and Freeman Hospitals grant no access to information about patients’ admittance – so we rely totally on information given to us from family or local priests or patients before they enter hospital. Patients get misled by being asked their religious denomination – thereby thinking that the chaplain will be informed. We are not — patients can ask for a visit from the chaplain and the nurses are usually good in contacting us — but many a time they forget contacts.

PLEASE NOTE: Any parishioner needing a priest at any of the hospitals in Newcastle, i.e. RVI, Freeman, Newcastle General hospitals and Marie Curie Hospice, please contact priests at St Mary’s Cathedral on 01912 326953 or Email: for all hospitals in an emergency ask the ward sister to contact the on call Roman Catholic Chaplain – not just a Chaplain